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Earth Rings

What If Earth Had Rings Like Saturn?

It’d look like this, that’s what. For discussion, including some spoilsport who says, “The Earth cannot have ice rings ...
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Golden Gate Bridge

Eight Gorgeous Historic Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge

We’re desensitized to the magic of some icons. The Mona Lisa looks like all the pictures you’ve seen of the Mona Lisa. Even t...
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Los Angeles History

18 Photos That Prove Los Angeles Has History

The Brown Derby, Southern Pacific night train, Hollywood Bowl, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, the Three Stooges — don’t say...
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Young Hunting Hazel

Young Hunting’s Hazel — Go Ahead and Add This One to Your List of Best L.A. Albums

There’s something downright hypnotic about “Baby’s First Steps,” the penultimate track on Young Hunting’s H...
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Superman Shield

It’s a Bird. It’s a Plane. It’s More Wardrobe Changes Than Lady Gaga.

Superman's shield, that iconic chest S, has seen lots of changes over the years.
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Street Couch Love Yourself

Love Yourself, Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a city of give and take. It takes the cushions off street couches -- they might as well be currency for the homeless.
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Angel Soft

Boycott the Koch Brothers. The Election is Over, But They’re Still Here.

Remember when we were all talking about boycotting the Koch Brothers? It seems so long ago. Barack Obama won reelection. The Democrats ke...
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No Pets

That’s It, Dog. You’re Over the Line.

Look at this dog in Sequoia National Forest. He doesn’t give a crap about your rules. You say, “Get behind the line, dog. You...
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Star Wars

If You Only Knew the Cuteness of the Dark Side

Some fine Redditor has put together one fantastic collection of posters from Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. But wait, there’s ...
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George W. Bush painting

What Do George W. Bush’s Latest Batch of Paintings Mean?

Another batch of George W. Bush’s paintings have been leaked by hacker Guccifer, and while these don’t feature Bush in the ba...
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