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R Lee Ermey

Is R. Lee Ermey Ever Out of Character?

You might know Ermey from his numerous roles playing drill sergeants, cops and plastic army men
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A Fire in My Belly

Ants on Jesus in “A Fire in My Belly”

Recently removed from the Smithsonian, the video is a tribute to David Wojnarowicz’s partner, who died from AIDS-related complications
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Hands at Gigs

Hands at Gigs

All that's missing is a Bic lighter and maybe someone shooting the middle finger
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Slave Leia Painting

Star Wars on Black Velvet: An Interview with Bruce White

Just when you thought black velvet paintings couldn't get any better, along comes artist Bruce White
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The Best of Socially Awkward Penguin

He’s a penguin. He’s socially awkward. He’s surprisingly easy to relate to
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Rat Fink

Auto LSD: What Could Go Wrong?

Auto LSD? That’s a new one. I know A/C. I know Cruise Control. Seek. Scan. No problem. But what the heck is Auto LSD?
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Kanye West Twitter

Grandma Reads Tweets from 50 Cent and Kanye West

Happy Holidays from 50, Kanye and Grandma
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Bacon Panty

The Triumphant Return of Bacon

What's the Google Books Ngram Viewer got to say about bacon? Plenty
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Family Tech Support Guy

Family Tech Support Guy Feels Your Pain

Fixing your parents' computer this holiday season? There's a meme for that
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Not in Kansas Anymore

We’re Not in Kansas Anymore

And just in case you weren't sure, this video montage definitely drives the point home
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