1. The Statue of Liberty, 1925

Although her formal title is Liberty Enlightening the World, everyone knows the gigantic neoclassical sculpture in the middle of New York Harbor as the Statue of Liberty. She’s Lady Liberty, a gift of France and a beacon of freedom. She’s the gal who strutted to Jackie Wilson’s “Higher and Higher” in Ghostbusters II, lightening up even the most jaded New Yorkers.

She’s got quite a history. Over the years she’s been covered in scaffolding and repaired, gone dark during times of war, and watched while the Twin Towers burned. We searched Wikimedia Commons and historian Michael Beschloss’ Twitter to come back with these stunning photos.

2. The darkened Statue of Liberty during America’s first year in World War II, 1941

3. The Centennial Exhibition in Philadelphia shows Statue of Liberty’s torch (and charges 50 cents to climb to the balcony), 1876

4. Steeplejacks yank spikes from the Statue of Liberty’s crown for repair, 1938

5. Pieces of the Statue of Liberty before they departed Paris, 1885

6. The Statue of Liberty arriving in 350 pieces from France, 1885

7. The Statue of Liberty’s spine and pedestal on Bedloe’s Island, awaiting segments arriving from France, 1885

8. Work on the statue formally called Liberty Enlightening the World in the Paris studio of Frederic Bartholdi, year unknown

9. An illustration of Miss Liberty being assembled after arrival on Bedloe’s Island, 1885

10. The Statue of Liberty and part of Bedloe’s (Liberty) Island, 1927

11. Two large feet and a torch before they became part of Statue of Liberty, constructed between 1875 and 1886

But wait, there’s more: