Rutherford B. HayesDuring the Civil War, future President Rutherford Birchard Hayes was shot once in the left arm and again in the shoulder; he sprained his ankle after being thrown from his horse and got smacked in the head with a spent round; he also sprained his knee. But don’t think he’s a damaged man.

This is the President who oversaw the end of Reconstruction. He knows how to mend a broken heart, and he’s not afraid to stand up for what he believes. “My task was to wipe out the color line, to abolish sectionalism, to end the war and bring peace,” he wrote. Too bad he couldn’t convince Congress to loosen up enough funds to enforce civil rights laws.

No man is perfect, but just look at that facial hair. You could hide in there for weeks.

We’re counting down the 44 hottest presidents in U.S. history, but there’s a catch: We won’t reveal the actual rankings till the very end. For now just sit back, forget about foreign policy, and pay the economy no mind. Because the most important thing about any powerful man is his looks.