Stephen Grover ClevelandStephen Grover Cleveland really thinks you can make it work.

You got together in 1885 and things were good. This Bourbon Democrat didn’t fire all the Republicans or only appoint sycophants from his own party. Cleveland was man enough to go his own way. He didn’t even misbehave when you decided Benjamin Harrison was a better beau and elected the Republican as the 23rd President.

What a guy.

Flash forward four years, and ol’ Grover convinced you to take him back. You couldn’t even remember why you ever broke up in the first place, so you gave him the chance to be the only U.S. President with split terms. Then bam, the Panic of 1893 happened, the banks failed, and Cleveland couldn’t pull the country out of trouble. Suddenly you’re wishing you were off again.

But just look at that stare. Sometimes you don’t want your problems fixed. You just want to be heard. Cleveland is there for you.

We’re counting down the 44 hottest presidents in U.S. history, but we won’t reveal the actual rankings till the very end. For now just wipe your brow and soak up the heat.