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Educated Black Woman

I Was Looking for an Educated Black Woman, and You’ll Never Guess Where I Found Her!

We get that Zazzle’s t-shirt designs are probably placed on top of models automatically by a computer, but come on now.
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Target Bikini Photoshop

Target Needs to Hire a New Bikini Photoshop Expert

Seriously, Target, you should probably spend a little more time Photoshopping your bikini ads in the future.
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PhD Illustration

The Illustrated Guide to a Ph.D.

Imagine a circle that contains all of human knowledge.
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Skateboarding Cat

This Skateboarding Cat Is Way Cooler Than Your Cat

Don't even try to compare. Don't say your cat isn't like other cats. Don't say your cat is like a dog. Don't say your cat is the best.
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Santa Advertisement

Santa Smoked Like a Chimney in These Vintage Cigarette Ads

Your grandpa's Santa stunk. He had cancer. His fingers were yellow.
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Amazing Cat Photo

You Won’t Believe the Latest Trend in Web Headlines

The latest trend in web headlines is so simple, you'll wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. You won't believe the real story.
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Dr. Bronner

The Bizarre Philosophy of Dr. Bronner’s Magic Soap

It will tingle and tingle and tingle. You've got to watch your undercarriage.
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Wetsuit Panache

Remember When Wetsuits Had Panache?

Good news for surfers: Designers from Shark Attack Mitigation System have teamed up with scientists from the University of Western Australia to c...
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Statue of Liberty

11 Stunning Historic Photos of the Statue of Liberty

Although her formal title is Liberty Enlightening the World, everyone knows the gigantic neoclassical sculpture in the middle of New York Harbor ...
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Golden Gate Bridge

Eight Gorgeous Historic Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge

We’re desensitized to the magic of some icons. The Mona Lisa looks like all the pictures you’ve seen of the Mona Lisa. Even the Eiffe...
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