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Sexy Flanders

Ned Flanders Without Harry Shearer

The Simpsons predicted the actor's departure years ago, joking that, "No one can tell the diddly-ifference."
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Sylvain Chomet Simpsons

You Haven’t Watched “The Simpsons” in Years, But You’ll Like Sylvain Chomet’s Couch Gag Anyway

Remember when you used to talk about how you haven’t watched “The Simpsons” in years? That seems like so long ago.
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George and Susan

The Ballad of Garge and Suzette

What do you get when you cross George Costanza's engagement to Susan Ross with Arcade Fire and lots of badly spelled captions?
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Breaking Bad Finale

You Thought You Were Emotional After the BREAKING BAD Finale? Imagine How These Guys Felt.

Bryan Cranston and Aaron Paul read through the script for the final episode for the first time.
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Lena Dunham and Friends Get the Burka Treatment

We have no idea what "Girls" is all about, although this month's magazine covers are trying really hard to tell us the show is The Next Big Thing
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Itchy Scratchy

Itchy and Scratchy: Every Episode from The Simpsons

They fight! And bite! They fight and bite and fight! Fight fight fight! Bite bite bite
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Star Wars Commercial

Dogs Bark Star Wars Tune for Volkswagen Super Bowl Commercial

The Super Bowl is still two weeks away, and we've already seen the best commercial
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Bored to Death

10 Reasons Your “Best of 2010” List Sucks

It’s the most wonderful time of the year for journalists looking to recycle old content
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