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Ronald McDonald

The Original Ronald McDonald Was Creepy as All Get-Out

At some deep, dark level we just feel like this clown has a collection of little boys' shoes hidden under his bed.
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Will Ferrell Old Milwaukee

Will Ferrell Loves Old Milwaukee and Getting Busy on the Bus

According to Salon, this commercial only aired in three cities: Glendive, Montana; Sherman, Texas; and Ardmore, Oklahoma. We bet the internet buz...
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Seuss Beer

Dr. Seuss Beer Advertisement — We’ll Drink to That!

The creator of Horton's Who loved a good brew
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Just a Clam Eating Salt Off a Table. No Big Deal.

Feed me sea. More! This video is way more compelling than the title might suggest
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Tito's Tacos

Is This the Most Amazing Bad Commercial of All Time?

I love Tito's Tacos. You love Tito's too. This 30-second spot is an unabashed masterpiece
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Coffee Goat

How Coffee Revolutionized the World

Coffee was discovered by an Ethiopian herder when he saw his goats eating berries
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TUMS Corn Dog

TUMS Commercial: What Would Freud Say About This?

The corn dog in this new TUMS commercial looks an awful lot like something else
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Coke Secret Formula

Coca-Cola’s Secret Formula Revealed?

Coke has already denied the accuracy of the formula, but let the conspiracies begin
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KFC Secret Recipe

KFC’s 11 Herbs and Spices — Cracking the Colonel’s Secret Code

At long last, the KFC recipe is out. Curiously missing from the list of Colonel Sanders' secret ingredients is the sweat of obese children.
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Bacon Panty

The Triumphant Return of Bacon

What's the Google Books Ngram Viewer got to say about bacon? Plenty
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