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Skateboarding Cat

This Skateboarding Cat Is Way Cooler Than Your Cat

Don't even try to compare. Don't say your cat isn't like other cats. Don't say your cat is like a dog. Don't say your cat is the best.
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Bounce Zoochosis

Don’t Watch This Video Unless You’re Ready to Quit Your Stupid Office Job

You've got better things to do than whatever you're doing.
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Golden Gate Bridge

Eight Gorgeous Historic Photos of the Golden Gate Bridge

We’re desensitized to the magic of some icons. The Mona Lisa looks like all the pictures you’ve seen of the Mona Lisa. Even the Eiffe...
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Los Angeles History

18 Photos That Prove Los Angeles Has History

The Brown Derby, Southern Pacific night train, Hollywood Bowl, Charlie Chaplin, Marilyn Monroe, the Three Stooges — don’t say Los Ang...
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Star Wars

If You Only Knew the Cuteness of the Dark Side

Some fine Redditor has put together one fantastic collection of posters from Star Wars Weekends at Disney World. But wait, there’s more: St...
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George W. Bush painting

What Do George W. Bush’s Latest Batch of Paintings Mean?

Another batch of George W. Bush’s paintings have been leaked by hacker Guccifer, and while these don’t feature Bush in the bathtub or...
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Dubstep Bird

This Bird Wants to DJ Your Next Dubstep BBQ

All that's missing is a sweet Skrillex haircut.
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Good Guy Cat: Your Balls Are Safe, Bro

We all know cats aren't good guys. Not even close
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The Planets to Scale: Hey, Where’s Pluto? Oh, Right.

Damn, Jupiter, you're a big boy.
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Lena Dunham and Friends Get the Burka Treatment

We have no idea what "Girls" is all about, although this month's magazine covers are trying really hard to tell us the show is The Next Big Thing
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