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Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly in Mexico City

Is the art world playing a joke on itself by venerating Cy Twombly's frenetic scribbles and puerile figures?
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Diablo Rojo Panama City

The Diablos Rojos of Panama City

The drivers of these converted school buses aren't going out without a very colorful fight.
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Musas Museo De Arte De Sonora

Such Erasure in This Doge Art Review of Cinthia Marcelle at MUSAS

The long chalkboard and pile of chalk left us at a loss for sentences. We had words. They were just doge.
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George W. Bush painting

What Do George W. Bush’s Latest Batch of Paintings Mean?

Another batch of George W. Bush’s paintings have been leaked by hacker Guccifer, and while these don’t feature Bush in the bathtub or...
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George W. Bush in Bathtub

George W. Bush in a Bathtub. Because You Know You Love His Feet.

This week hackers released photos of George W. Bush’s paintings. The shots provide an intimate portrait of the former prez, and by intimate...
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Lena Dunham and Friends Get the Burka Treatment

We have no idea what "Girls" is all about, although this month's magazine covers are trying really hard to tell us the show is The Next Big Thing
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Graffiti Moss

Moss Graffiti: How To Make Street Art That Grows

And grows and grows and grows
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Echo Park Street Art

What Is Love? Besides That Damn Dance Song from the ’90s.

Hipsters stopped being hipsters and started being hipsters who hate hipsters at least five years ago
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Bad Barbie

Bad Barbie: The Works of Mariel Clayton

The artist isn’t the first social commentator to decry Barbie's negative effect on society, but she just might be the most grisly
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“A Fire in My Belly” — Now 98% Less Offensive!

Peter Jacobson has created a Republican-friendly version of David Wojnarowicz’s censored video
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