“What if there were a pill that could make you rich and powerful?”asks Bradley Cooper at the beginning of a new commercial for a drug called NZT. Huh, you think, that seems like a bit much. Just what is this NZT and why is Bradley Cooper hawking it?

The commercial continues. “You’ll be able to learn a new language, conquer Wall Street, even remember everything you’ve ever seen or heard…”

Wait a minute, you think, this NZT really does do it all. Too much, actually. This has gotta be a scam. Oh wait, maybe it’s viral marketing for his next movie. A fake commercial! That’s gotta be it!

It’s kind of clever. You’re in.

But the commercial continues. There are a lot of side effects. Paralysis. Amnesia. Homicidal blackouts. Sudden death. Is all this really necessary?

Those side effects might match what the drug does in the movie — let’s call it Limitless, since that’s how it’s listed on IMDb — but suddenly the commercial seems a bit heavy-handed.

“NZT should be taken once a day. Discontinued use will result in death.”

Well, there’s the plot. Now you know. Bradley Cooper’s NZT commercial is viral marketing for a movie in which a guy get super addicted to an awesome drug. His life gets better, no doubt, before it gets way worse.

Working up a fake pharmaceutical commercial (and website) for this movie seems like a no-brainer, and the spot definitely starts out cleverly enough. For a second you probably thought Bradley Cooper really was hawking some new drug called NZT. But then hammer said hello to head, repeatedly, and now there just might not be much for folks to buzz about.