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Keith Plocek

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I Flew a Kite Near Kelly Slater’s Artificial Wave and Scored Aerial Photos of Surfing’s Future

Last month Kelly Slater released a video of the perfect artificial wave, and the surfing community went nuts.
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Cy Twombly

Cy Twombly in Mexico City

Is the art world playing a joke on itself by venerating Cy Twombly's frenetic scribbles and puerile figures?
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Diablo Rojo Panama City

The Diablos Rojos of Panama City

The drivers of these converted school buses aren't going out without a very colorful fight.
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Climbing Cotopaxi

So Glad I Didn’t Reach the Summit of Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s Tallest Active Volcano

On Wednesday morning I set out to ascend the snowy ridge of Volcán Cotopaxi and smell the earth's sulfurous insides at 5,897 meters.
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Musas Museo De Arte De Sonora

Such Erasure in This Doge Art Review of Cinthia Marcelle at MUSAS

The long chalkboard and pile of chalk left us at a loss for sentences. We had words. They were just doge.
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Grover Cleveland Portrait

Grover Cleveland Is Your On-Again, Off-Again Boyfriend

The 22nd and 24th President really thinks you can make it work.
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President Rutherford B. Hayes

Rutherford B. Hayes Was Wounded Five Times in Battle, But He’d Never Hurt You

This is the President who oversaw the end of Reconstruction. He knows how to mend a broken heart.
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Amazing Cat Photo

You Won’t Believe the Latest Trend in Web Headlines

The latest trend in web headlines is so simple, you'll wonder why no one has ever thought of it before. You won't believe the real story.
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Young Hunting Hazel

Young Hunting’s Hazel — Go Ahead and Add This One to Your List of Best L.A. Albums

There’s something downright hypnotic about “Baby’s First Steps,” the penultimate track on Young Hunting’s Hazel. Th...
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The King of Limbs

Are We Going to Pretend the New Radiohead Isn’t Boring?

They are no highs and no lows on The King of Limbs, and even worse, we've heard this all before
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