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Latin American Beach Dog

The Beach Dogs of Latin America

From Sayulita to Malpais, these beach dogs know how to live.
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Diablo Rojo Panama City

The Diablos Rojos of Panama City

The drivers of these converted school buses aren't going out without a very colorful fight.
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Panama City Street Photography

The Streets of Panama City Will Swallow You Whole

Look up. Look around. But be sure you look down when walking in Panama City. Otherwise you just might wind up neck deep in a hole.
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Climbing Cotopaxi

So Glad I Didn’t Reach the Summit of Cotopaxi, Ecuador’s Tallest Active Volcano

On Wednesday morning I set out to ascend the snowy ridge of Volcán Cotopaxi and smell the earth's sulfurous insides at 5,897 meters.
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Pan-American Highway

Never Ask a Man for Directions When You Can Ask a Woman

He'll scratch his belly and give you very specific directions to a place that doesn't exist.
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Musas Museo De Arte De Sonora

Such Erasure in This Doge Art Review of Cinthia Marcelle at MUSAS

The long chalkboard and pile of chalk left us at a loss for sentences. We had words. They were just doge.
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Educated Black Woman

I Was Looking for an Educated Black Woman, and You’ll Never Guess Where I Found Her!

We get that Zazzle’s t-shirt designs are probably placed on top of models automatically by a computer, but come on now.
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Street Furniture

Street Furniture… The Motion Picture

Jessie Rabideau's wonderful little film is small story with a simple meaning.
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Outdoor Library

The World Needs More Free Libraries in Front Yards

Print isn't dead. It's waiting for you by the crabgrass.
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Target Bikini Photoshop

Target Needs to Hire a New Bikini Photoshop Expert

Seriously, Target, you should probably spend a little more time Photoshopping your bikini ads in the future.
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